The primary companies in our group are as under :

Adair Dutt & Company (India) Private Limited
Adair Dutt was formed more than a century back primarily to represent European Laboratory equipment manufacturers in India with it's corporate office at Kolkata. Originally Adair Dutt was a Company Incorporated at England and after the independence of India, in 1949 the Indian arm became a freehold company under the name of Adair Dutt & Company (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Since then Adair Dutt has been a leader in Laboratory and Analytical Instrumentation in India - synonymous to Quality - Commitment and Reliability. Adair Dutt today has a strong network of sales and service offices in the country along with a dedicated team of dealers, engineers and sales staff. Adair Dutt has a comprehensive Laboratory equipment profile with imported and indigenously manufactured instruments and equipment catering to several industries like Pharmaceutical, Bio-technology, Paint, Polymers & Chemicals, Agro research, Metallurgy, Water and environment, Petroleum, Oil and Gas.

During the late 1980s, Adair Dutt opened a new chapter in it's history after starting the Weighing Scales division in which it is today proud to be a market leader. Initially the major focus has been into the import and distribution of Precision Electronic Weighing Scales from Japan and Switzerland. In the early 1990s Adair Dutt established the first Electronic High Precision Weighing Scale factory in India with technical collaboration with YMC - Chyo Japan through it's sister manufacturing company called 'Adair Dutt Instruments Pvt. ltd.' which is today a premier ISO 9001:2000 certified company. This division controls not only the majority market share, but also exports it's products to it's collaborator at Japan for World Wide marketing. It also has an exclusive Marketing Contract with "Presica" Switzerland for their range of High Precision electronic weighing balances.

After having achieved the ISO 9001:2000 certification Adair Dutt today has ventured out to form a different Analytical division to cater dedicatedly to the Phrama-Chemical and Bio-tech industries offering a varied and comprehensive range in Analytical Instrumentation to it's customers to achieve One Stop Solution policy.

To promote it's products, Adair Dutt regularly advertises in leading Bio-Chemical and Pharma magazines and participates in all the Leading Trade fares across the country through it's network of 10 sales and service offices to ensure visibility, market presence and on time reaction to customer needs.

Having achieved a century of goodwill Adair Dutt is poised today to become a leader in the Analytical Instrumentation field and will shortly launch an array of International equipment to it's customers across India.

Power Tools & Appliances Company Limited

Power Tools & Appliances Co. Ltd, is one of the premier company in India dealing in Machine Tools for over 80 years. Back in the 1940's - we had started with the dealing of cutting tools and British equipment related to the Engineering Industry and later developed the manufacturing of Universal Lathes during 1950's.

Power Tools today is the leading sellers of Danish, Chinese, C.I.S.Imported Machine Tools in India with Several Thousand successful installations. The clients range from Defence Industries to Steel Plants, Coal Fields to Automobile Industries, Ancillaries to Engineering Industries. All our offices have factory trained Service Engineers and trained Officers to cater to the varied need of our customers through out the country. All our customers are the Premier business and Industrial houses of India and are our regular customers for many years.

In the middle of 1980's , there was a change of management .After the take over, Power Tools Ltd, has turned around to become an aggressive multi dimensional marketing company - increasing it's reach all over India and generating substantial business every year. The companies under the new management has established an aggressive marketing network with 9 Sales and Service offices spread all over India.

The company is the exclusive Sole Selling Agents for 50 years (since 1953) for the Russian State Government Organisation V/O STANKOIMPORT for their range of Machine tools produced in CIS countries (former Soviet Nation) like Russia, Belarus , Ukraine, Lithuania,etc catering to the various Industries in India. We specialize in Metal Cutting Machine Tools in it's Conventional, Automatic, NC and CNC execution. We provide complete turn key solutions and take responsibility for the erection and commissioning of the plant along with total after sales service back up under warranty period as well as out side warranty.

Power Tools & Appliances Co.Ltd. also has a long and fruitful relationship in the exclusive representation of the world's premier Engine Rebuilding Machinery manufacturer 'AMC Schou A.S. - Denmark' with hundreds of successful installations all over the country for the last 5 decades.

LINKS-China, being the high quality manufacturer for testing and measuring Instruments and machinery manufacturing company is also represented in India for more than 4 decades by us. The high quality, service back up , productivity and high efficiency results to repeat orders for this range of sophisticated equipment.

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